Sunday, July 18, 2010


hello there, f3afeq here, so 4 not writing because i was so lazy hehehehehehehe, its been a while since sofea died, and her memories still living in me, i will never forget about her, i try to just live my life but i never find a suitable girl to fill the empty spot in my heart, everyday in my prays, i pray about the same thing to allah, in my prays, let there be someone that resemble sofea, because i really miss her, a few month i waited and suddenly out of nowhere, i saw a girl profile in facebook, and her face, my heart said must add, so i add her, waiting for a long time to approve, when she approve i try chatting with her, she is so sweet, kind and she is....................................................after awhile she really does resemble sofea, i was talking to her fells like i know her for a long time, feels like she is sofea, but seriously i'm in love with her, the thing i like about her is her principle, she really don't wanna be very intimate with boys, so i'll wait for her and i know she is worthily, if u are reading this, seriously i wanna say, I LOVE YOU. here's F3AFEQ SIGNING OUT

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